How to Use a Spray Bottle on a Cat


How to Use a Spray Bottle on a Cat. Cats, traditionally harder to train than dogs, always find new ways to get in trouble. They have minds of their own as any feline owner can attest. From scratching furniture to jumping on the kitchen counter, there's no telling what your frisky cat may do next. Using a spray bottle helps control your pet's errant behavior. Here's how to use a spray bottle to make the cat obey orders.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottles
  • Water

Place the bottle at strategic locations. If the cat digs up house plants, leave a sprayer close to the windowsill. Stash a spray bottle next to the couch, lounger or any furniture the cat scratches, and refill it often. Get the cat to obey your orders with consistent use of the spray bottle.

Make sure that everyone in the household uses the spray. This reinforces good behavior and teaches the feline to obey orders from all family members.

Sneak up on the cat. The element of surprise works, particularly if the pet has a crafty personality. Watch the cat and spray when it's not looking at you.

Fill the spray bottle with another liquid instead of water. If the cat remains immune to the spray, fill the bottle with vinegar or add a hint of orange or another smell to the water. Some cats hate the smell of bananas or other fruits, so add a disliked scent to the mix to dissuade a stubborn cat.

Buy an industrial quality spray bottle. They're available from some pet supply stores and websites. The trigger on a high-quality spray bottle lasts for years, and can spray a longer distance than a less expensive bottle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Refill the bottle regularly.
  • Admonish the cat in a loud, firm voice every time you use the spray bottle. Shake coins or make other noises to make a stubborn cat obey commands.

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