How to Use a Dvorak Keyboard

Most computer users today use a QWERTY keyboard. Look at the top row of your keyboard and you'll see those letters on the left-hand side. An alternative to this keyboard is the Dvorak keyboard. This keyboard layout design touts comfort, ease and increased typing speeds.


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      Program your computer to Dvorak. Conversion software makes it possible to program the personal computer you already have so it's Dvorak compatible. Search for conversion software that's appropriate for your operating system. This conversion software is free and it's available at most Internet download sites.

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      Label your existing keyboard. Keycap stickers are available for you to purchase and stick on your existing keyboard. You also have the option of printing your own labels and attaching those to your keyboard. Some people remove the keys from their existing keyboard and move them around to fit the Dvorak format.

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      Buy a hard-wired Dvorak keyboard. This is similar to the traditional QWERTY keyboard. It simply plugs into your computer and you type away.

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      Toss your old QWERTY keyboard. Use your Dvorak keyboard exclusively to learn quickly. You may also want to invest in a typing tutor program for tips to learn to use your Dvorak keyboard. Expect it to take about one month before you toss your QWERTY habits and are comfortable using your Dvorak keyboard.

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      Teach your children. Dvorak supporters praise this keyboard because it's much easier to train on than the traditional QWERTY keyboard. New typists can be up to speed within a couple of weeks when learning on a Dvorak keyboard.

Tips & Warnings

  • Instead of relabeling your keyboard, you can print a diagram and display it to help your transition to a Dvorak keyboard.

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