How to Trim a Dog's Hair


Certain breeds of dogs are notorious for shedding, which can be a pain if you don't want dog hair all over your clothes and furniture. You can limit the amount of hair your dog sheds by keeping them properly trimmed. Here's how to trim a dog's hair.

Things You'll Need

  • Razor or clippers
  • Scissors
  • Leash or muzzle

Get together the necessary supplies before you even get your dog to trim his hair.

Before beginning to trim the dog's hair it is important that you spend five to 10 minutes petting the dog. Trimming can be somewhat stressful for a dog if they are not groomed regularly. It is during this time that you should place the muzzle or leash on the dog if you feel as though the animal is going to give you problems while you are trimming.

If using a razor or clippers to trim their hair, it is important that you begin by turning it on. Don't apply it to the dog's hair yet, but simply hold it up for the dog to sniff and get use to. Slowly apply it to the hair allowing the dog to gradually adjust to the vibrations and noise.

Begin trimming the dog's hair on its back and sides, since these are the least sensitive areas of the dog.

Next you need to trim the feet paying special attention to get the hair in between the pads of their feet. This is important since this hair can hold a lot of water and dirt.

Move to trimming their underneath and their chest.

Finally trim their head and their ears. This is often where dogs are the most sensitive, thus you may have the most difficult time.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want your dog to look professionally groomed according to the breed, it is important you understand how to achieve the specific look before you start trimming.
  • Razors and clippers get hot, thus it may be necessary to take a break in the middle of trimming your dog.

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