How to Choose Weapons for your World of Warcraft Paladin

As a hybrid class, choosing weapons for a Paladin will be different depending on which spec you choose. What works well for a Retribution Paladin will be a terrible choice for a Holy or Protection Paladin. There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing weapons for your Paladin.


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      Identify what your Paladin needs the most. Again, this will vary depending on your spec. Retribution Paladins are mostly in need of Strength, Attack Power and Agility. Protection Paladins need Stamina, +Spell Damage, Intellect and possibly some +Spell Hit. Holy Paladins need Stamina, Intellect and +Healing. If you use a mixed spec, decide which you need the most of.

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      Look for a big, slow, 2-handed weapon for your Retribution Paladin. 2-handed Maces, Swords and Axes are the best choice for Retribution Paladins, since it allows Seal of Command to proc as often as possible. Again, things to look for on a weapon include: Strength, Attack Power, Agility and maybe a little Intelligence. +Hit and +Crit chance are also helpful. Some examples of good Ret Paladin weapons are the Lionheart Blade, Despair, Gorehowl, The Oathkeeper and the Hammer of the Naaru.

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      Find a slow single-handed Mace or Sword for your Protection Paladin. Prot Pallies need Stamina, Intellect and +Spell Damage on a weapon that has as slow an attack speed as possible. Why slow? Because most Prot Pallies gain agro by using Seal of Vengeance. Seal of Vengeance has a much higher chance of adding a DoT to your target if you're using a slow weapon. Start off using the Gavel of Unearthed Secrets (Lower City, Exalted), then when you have five Vengeance ticks, switch to something like the Merciless Gladiator's Gavel (Arena Season 2) or the Continuum Blade (Keepers of Time, Revered.)

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      Find a caster Mace or Sword for your Holy Paladin. Like all casters, Holy Pallies need Stamina, Intellect and +Spell Damage/Healing on their weapons. Maces and Swords have the best benefits for these stats and are the most effective for Paladins. There are a wealth of caster Maces and Swords in the world, many of which are quest rewards. The Gavel of Pure Light (Sha'tar, Exalted) is an excellent choice and isn't too hard to get.

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      Make a list of what you need, then find a gear addon to locate your desired weapons. Atlasloot works perfectly for this, and can be found here:

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      Grab anything that is an upgrade at lower levels. Before you hit level 70, simply use what you can. Every 5-8 levels, you'll probably get an upgrade from an instance of quest reward. If you feel you need something sooner, check the Auction Halls for something better. As long as the weapon you've got has at least 1-2 of your desired stats, use it.

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