How to Train a Cat


How to Train a Cat. Cats are more independent than other pets such as dogs, however, this does not make them impossible to train. Training a cat to behave will require different methods, and more time and patience than training other animals, but the end result is positive.

Understand the type of training your cat respond to. Rewards of food or affection often do not stop bad behavior in cats. Pain also is usually not helpful as punishment. The best tactic is surprise, provided there is no pain involved.

Get down on the cat's level. When administering discipline, bend down to your cat to foster better communication between the two of you.

Use a plant sprayer or water gun to spray your cat with water when she misbehaves. Cats generally do not like water and water will not hurt the cat. Spray the cat without yelling so she sees water as the punishment.

Keep a bean bag handy by your chair so if you see your cat misbehaving, you can instantly surprise him. Throw the bean bag near the cat without hitting it to surprise it. Rapid response is necessary. If you wait until the cat has stopped the bad behavior to administer punishment, he will not understand what he's being punished for.

Place aluminum foil in areas your cat is not allowed to go. Cats do not like the uneasy feel of the foil under their feet nor do they like the loud noise it makes when they walk on it.

Train cats not to dig in or eat houseplants by putting moth balls in them. Cats are sensitive to the strong smell. As an alternative, place mouse traps under paper around the plants if your cat misbehaves while you're away. When the cat steps on the paper, the trap will spring and surprise the cat, but the can will not be hurt.

Tap your cat gently on the nose if he bites or otherwise misbehaves toward you. This simulates how cats retaliate toward each other and trains the cat not to harm you. However, this only works if the misbehavior was directed at you.

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