How to Tone Down Hair That is Dyed Too Bright

So you tried to dye your hair at home and you look like Bozo the Clown? We've all been there before whether we did it to ourselves or we trusted a bad hair stylist. It is a simple fix to remove hair color that is just too bright and brassy.

Things You'll Need

  • Dawn Dish Soap
  • -OR-
  • Head & Shoulders Shampoo


    • 1

      Start by jumping in the shower and squeezing a small amount of Dawn dish soap or head and shoulders shampoo into your palm and rub it into your hair as if you are washing it.

    • 2

      Rinse the soap or shampoo completely out of your hair.

    • 3

      Repeat this wash out daily until you reach your desired hair color.

Tips & Warnings

  • In my experience with too bright red hair, the first wash with dawn or head and shoulders was all that I needed to get the color toned down.
  • Although, my mom has washed with head and shoulders for a week straight after having purple hair.
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