How to Lose Weight With Stacker 3

Stacker 3 is the newest formula in the line of Stacker diet pills. Stacker 3 is a type of fat burner that can help you lose weight while also curbing your appetite. It is made up of a special blend of herbs that have been proven to aid a person in their diet efforts.


    • 1

      Purchase a bottle of Stacker 3 diet pills. Most of the bottles contain 100 capsules. This is going to last you for about three and a half months if you follow the company's recommended dosage.

    • 2

      Get the ephedra free formula. The Ephedra Free Stacker 3 has fat burning qualities without the dangers of taking ephedra.

    • 3

      Take one capsule after each meal. Drink plenty of water when you take the pill to get the ingredients quickly into your system.

    • 4

      Consume a maximum of three Stacker 3 pills a day. Only use the Stacker 3 pills during larger meals and not at snack times. More than three pills can lead to health problems.

    • 5

      Continue to follow a healthy eating plan. You are only going to lose weight if you follow a lower fat diet while taking Stacker 3. Remember to exercise daily as well to burn more calories.

Tips & Warnings

  • The ingredients in Stacker 2 and Stacker 3 are very similar. The only difference is that Stacker 3 contains chitosan, an additional fat burning ingredient.
  • Stacker 3 is very high in caffeine and should be taken in a cautious manner. Stop taking the product if you have any unpleasant side effects.
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