How to Recognize Cocaine Addiction

Recognize Cocaine Addiction
Recognize Cocaine Addiction

How to Recognize Cocaine Addiction. Cocaine is one of the most powerful and addictive illegal drugs. It can leave the user feeling overly confident, strong and powerful. Cocaine is so addictive that it is not uncommon to hear addicts say that they were addicted after using the drug just once. Cocaine addiction must be recognized and dealt with immediately. Here are some signs to help you recognize cocaine addiction.

Examine eyes and pupils. Using cocaine and other altering substances causes the pupils of the eyes to constrict until they are very small. If someone you know constantly has constricted pupils when you look at them, even at night or in the dark, this could be a sign that they are abusing cocaine or other drugs.

Watch for nosebleeds. One of the most serious permanent effects of using cocaine is extensive damage to the nasal passages and septum of the nose. When someone repeatedly snorts cocaine, it causes a deadening of the sensations in the nostrils and could actually cause the septum to deviate or separate. This damage causes the addict to have frequent nosebleeds that bleed a great deal. Someone having chronic nosebleeds with no other plausible explanation could be a sign of cocaine abuse.

Look for other physical signs. Cocaine abuse can also cause unexplained sweating, nervous jitters and body tics or involuntary movement. If you suspect someone of being addicted to cocaine watch their overall body language and take note of any unexplained changes in their physical behavior.

Detect excuses. Cocaine addicts often create elaborate or implausible stories to explain their frequent requests to borrow money, unnecessary disappearances or erratic behavior. Someone who is usually straightforward and punctual and suddenly is constantly late or coming up with reasons why they can't meet their commitments could be struggling with addiction.

Be aware of new friends and associates. Drug addicts often begin to move in new social circles both to stay close to their drug dealer and fellow addicts and also because they are paranoid about his or her family and friends finding out about their drug use. If the person you suspect starts to associate with a lot of people that you don't know or that make you suspicious, this could be a sign that they are addicted to cocaine.

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