How to Treat Dark Circles With Vitamin K Cream

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Treat Dark Circles With Vitamin K Cream

Dark circles under the eyes can be caused by a hereditary condition that affects pigmentation or events that cause the capillaries to weaken, such as sun damage, use of birth control or pregnancy, among other things. Vitamin K is commonly found in skin care products to treat dark circles; however, a quality cream will contain elements that both lighten the skin and work to strengthen the capillaries. In order to treat dark circles with vitamin K cream, you must choose a quality cream and use it correctly.


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      Choose a vitamin K cream that includes other healing elements. Vitamin K, known as the blood clotting vitamin, works to strengthen capillaries and heal existing damage; however, it does not moisturize, improve circulation or lighten the skin. Look for ingredients such as arnica, which heals and lightens bruised tissue, retinol which improves blood circulation and aloe vera which moisturizes, increases elasticity and firms the skin. Make a list of product ingredients and research before you buy, ensuring that your Vitamin K cream will treat dark skin, increase circulation and moisturize.

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      Apply your selected vitamin K cream at least twice a day, in the morning after your shower and before bed. Always wash your face with gentle soap and warm water before applying the cream to open your pores and allow the maximum absorption of the healing cream.

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      Massage the cream lightly into your skin, applying a liberal and even layer. Once your dark circles have disappeared, continue treatment at least once a day to prevent the return of dark circles and keep your eyes looking beautiful.

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      Be patient, as not everyone will have speedy results with vitamin K cream. Speed of results will vary depending on the severity of the dark circles, thickness of skin and your skin type or pH balance. It may take up to 8 weeks for visible results.

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