How to Teach Yourself Finance


How to Teach Yourself Finance. The world of finance can be vast and incomprehensible, and successfully teaching yourself the finer points will depend upon your ability to break the knowledge down into smaller modules. Finance encompasses economics, accounting and even politics and history, so a thorough understanding of this field will require a large amount of dedication.

  • Narrow your study of finance into independent subjects, such as basic economics, principles of accounting, computer science, banking practices and politics and history. By choosing an appropriate starting point for the study of finance, you can outline the specific areas in which you are the most interested.

  • Teach yourself finance by visiting the local library, and checking out books on the specific components. Focus on books that are more recent, since some of the methods of finance have been significantly altered in the last few years due to the Internet and the growing interest in global economies.

  • Check with your local university and community college to see if they offer any finance or economics classes to non-students. These courses may be designed as online or home courses, so that you can teach yourself finance at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. In addition, these self-contained courses may be applied later toward a degree.

  • Subscribe to financial magazines and publications to teach yourself finance. Such publications include Fortune, Barron's, Smart Money and the Wall Street Journal.

  • Purchase books and tutorials on personal finance, such as Janet Bigham Bernstel and Lea Saslav's "Teach Yourself Personal Finance in 24 Hours," or Ken and Daria Dolan's "Teach Yourself e-Personal Finance Today." These books are designed with beginners in mind, and can start you on the long road of understanding larger realms of world finance.

  • Visit a local college or university to purchase textbooks on finance. Textbooks are often more direct than commercial titles, with the information offered at a more concentrated pace.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may want to start off with a beginner's guide to finance to further map out your course of study. Humorous publications such as the "Idiot's" guides may be somewhat remedial in approach, but may provide valuable recommendations for more in-depth study.
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