How to Make a Mom Happy

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Make a Mom Happy
Make a Mom Happy

Moms are both complex creatures and as individual as snowflakes. Pretty much every person has a mom, yet no two are exactly alike. There are soccer moms, parent group moms, CEO moms, at home moms, and a million other kinds. Each one is different, with unique wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses. Even so, there are a handful of steps almost anyone can take to make any mom happy - regardless of whose, or what kind of, mom she is.


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      Pay attention. No mom in the history of momkind has ever been happy about having to repeat herself. Listen to her the first time and pay attention. Make an effort to really do this and watch the happy happen.

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      Do your share of the housework without being asked or reminded. Make your bed, pick up after yourself, cook a meal, swish the toilet, wash your own dishes, etc. Don't wait for her to remind you. Whatever you do, don't wait for her to do it for you.

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      Buy her a present. Sure, it's the thought that counts, but every mom has a collection of homemade candy dishes and cards. Spend a couple of dollars out of your own money on something she will really enjoy and watch her eyes light up. Sometimes, the effort can mean even more than the thought.

    • 4

      Give her a real day off. Make it a full day and don't cop out by choosing Mother's Day or her birthday. Pick a random day and handle as many of the things she normally does as possible. Do the laundry, grab the mail, pick up groceries, make dinner and pick up younger kids at school.

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      Be nice. Have a good attitude and be project good cheer throughout the day. Be polite and resist the urge to argue. A day without sarcasm or arguments can make even the most hardened mom happy.

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      Take her out. Take her to breakfast and her favorite bookstore. Go bead or yarn shopping if that's her thing or take her to the racetrack if that's what she would prefer. Whatever you do, make sure it is something she wants to do.

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      Talk with her. Ask her about her day and give her all the time she needs to answer. Let her go into detail or run off on tangents. People do a lot of talking to and at moms, but not nearly as much talking with them.

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