How to Hit a Drop Shot in Badminton


Once you master badminton’s drop shot, you will not only be adding a new shot to your arsenal, but you’ll be improving the effectiveness of two other shots. Meant to look like a clear or smash shot, when performed correctly, a drop shot can cause your opponent to rush or be off-balance, which could then lead to a poor or unsuccessful return.

Things You'll Need

  • Badminton racket
  • Shuttlecock
  • Shuffle your feet so that you’re behind and in line with the midflight shuttlecock to get your body in position. Turn your body to the side, with your non-racket arm in front. Your weight should be on your back foot. The hand with the racket should be held up so that it’s behind your head, with elbow bent and wrist cocked back, prepared to flex forward. For balance and timing, lift your non-racket hand and point it toward the approaching shuttle.

  • Rotate your torso and swing your racket overhead by straightening your elbow and flexing your wrist. Explosively rotate your torso as if you were intending to hit the shuttle with a lot of force to help disguise the drop shot properly. You want your entire drop shot technique to mimic that of a clear or smash.

  • Make contact with the shuttle when it’s out in front of your body and at its highest point. Where your racket face is pointed is the direction that the shuttle will travel, so adjust its angle accordingly. Your contact with the shuttle should be more of a tap, which will help reduce the speed of your racket head and limit how far the shuttle travels. Follow through, bringing your racket head in front of you and shifting your weight to your front foot.

Tips & Warnings

  • To limit how hard the shuttle is hit and ensure the shuttle drops in the forecourt rather than the backcourt, decelerate your follow-through, rather than accelerate like when doing a clear or smash hit. Once you complete the shot, immediately move back to the baseline to prepare for the return from your opponent.

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