How to Celebrate National Frog Month

April is National Frog Month. In honor of the little amphibians, take a moment to learn more about them. Find a frog-related craft or activity to get your family in the spirit of Frog Month. Take the time to celebrate one of the earth's oldest living creatures.

Things You'll Need

  • Plant saucer
  • Aquarium rocks
  • Big rock
  • Water
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    • 1

      Make a frog pond to attract frogs to your backyard. Bury a large plant saucer in the ground so that it looks like a mini in ground pool. Fill with water, and add some little aquarium rocks and a big rock to the middle to give your frogs something to rest on.

    • 2

      Teach your kids the life cycle of a frog. The frog has a very interesting life that is always fun to teach a young child.

    • 3

      Take a field trip to a pond, stream or wetland area where you'll hopefully be able to listen to frogs singing. If you aren't lucky enough to get a first-hand concert, go to the National Geographic website for some fun frog audio and video clips.

    • 4

      Play a game of Leap Frog. The classic game of taking a giant leap over the squatting person in front of you could never get old.

    • 5

      Put together a frog quiz for your family or a school lesson. Make sure to include that a toad is really part of the frog family. Frogs hear using ears on the sides of their heads, and yes, frogs do have teeth.

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