How to Make a Gentle Facial Cleanser

Soaps are often full of harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes that strip the skin of its natural oils. Using natural gentle facial cleansers is a fantastic alternative to traditional soaps, as they nourish and clean the skin without removing protective oils or disrupting the natural pH balance. Making homemade skin care products is not only a fun and simple, its an affordable project that pampers your skin. Read on to learn how to make a gentle facial cleanser.

Things You'll Need

  • Natural unflavored yogurt
  • Blender
  • Banana
  • Oatmeal
  • Almond oil


    • 1

      Place 1/4 cup of all natural unflavored yogurt in a blender. Yogurt contains natural antifungal and antibacterial agents, which help to clean the skin gently, ridding it of harmful bacteria and germs. Yogurt is also high in lactic acid, which is known to soothe and soften dry painful skin, and can help eliminate wrinkles and refine pores.

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      Cut a banana in half, remove the peel and add it to the blender. Skin has a natural layer of fat that shields it from the elements and holds in moisture. Constant exposure to make-up, sun, wind, air conditioning and heating can damage its protective layer. Banana is a natural gentle moisturizer that helps to rebuild and protect the protective layer while repairing damaged skin.

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      Add 3 tbsp. of oatmeal to the blender. Adding oatmeal will create a natural exfoliant and can help soothe dry, itchy skin. Perfect for those who suffer from eczema, sensitive skin or if you happen to have the chicken pox, oatmeal is hypoallergenic with high levels of healing amino acid. Oatmeal will remove dead skin cells and dirt, helping with acne as well.

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      Pour in 2 tbsp. of almond oil. Almond oil is the ideal skin care oil, as it absorbs quickly into the skin without a greasy build up. Almond oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and soothes painful cracking and burns on the skin.

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      Blend the ingredients well and gently massage into your face and neck. For added benefit, allow the gentle facial cleanser to set for 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water and patting dry.

Tips & Warnings

  • Store your gentle facial cleanser in the refrigerator for up to one week. Use daily for best results.
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