How to Improve Digestion With Supplements


Efficient digestion is essential to good health, yet many people live with digestive problems for years, thinking that there's nothing else they can do. But there are many ways to improve digestion, and using nutritional supplements is one of them. Learn ways to aid digestion with supplements by following these steps.

  • Take vitamin C or Quercetin. These supplements act as antihistamines and ease inflammation in the digestive tract. Vitamin C also helps the gastrointestinal tract to rid itself of toxins produced during food digestion.

  • Use probiotics to keep your digestive tract healthy. Acidophilus, Bifidobacteria and Lactobaccillus are generally considered the best of these "good" bacteria. These symbiotic microbes help digest food that the body can't, and keep the "bad" bugs that inhabit your gut from growing out of control. Look for them in pill form at health food stores.

  • Add enzymes like lipase, protease and amylase to your meals. Enzymes are naturally produced by the body, but taking them as supplements can help give your liver a boost. Also try Coenzyme Q10 to boost the enzymes and help them do their jobs.

  • Sprinkle flaxseed over your food to ease constipation. This tasteless supplement also calms inflamed intestines.

  • Try peppermint oil for painful gas and bloating, and eat ginger for occasional nausea.

Tips & Warnings

  • Probiotics are also present in yogurt. If you want to get them that way instead of in pill form, just make sure it's organic yogurt with cultures added after pasteurization.
  • If your digestive problems don't resolve with do-it-yourself treatments, see your doctor.

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