How to Teach Problem-Solving Skills

Help people take control of their lives by teaching them problem-solving skills empower people by showing them they have choices to make. They can make choices in all situations. Teach them the skills so they can solve their own problems. Problem-solving skills help people cope with many of life's problems or challenges.


    • 1

      Step back and look at the situation. Write down the problem and include all the points so that you can see it clearly. Sometimes, problems seem large and overwhelming. Writing it down gives you something to work with.

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      Define the problem and then break it into smaller pieces. Look at each part of the problem instead of the large overall problem. It's easier to deal with smaller pieces of a problem.

    • 3

      Research the causes of the problem. Pull the problem apart and analyze each part. Break it into smaller steps so that it is not so overwhelming. Figure out how you got in the situation you are in. When you see how you got there, the solution may be more obvious.

    • 4

      Brainstorm for ideas or solutions to the problem. Look at the problem objectively and scientifically. Explain how correlation does not always lead to causation. This means A does not always lead to B. There can be other factors involved. Figure out what they are.

    • 5

      Test your theory. Solve the problem in your head using one of your ideas. Follow each step. Make sure it will work before you proceed in real life. Keep trying to find new solutions if the first one doesn't work.

    • 6

      Research possible solutions if you can't come up with any yourself. Get advice from other people if you don't have all the answers. Talk to experts. Get legal or medical advice.

    • 7

      Look at examples of how other people have solved problems. Learn by example. Find out what obstacles they have overcome and apply the solutions to your own life.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be patient and don't give up. Try again.
  • It may take several attempts to find a solution.
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