How to Deal With Depression Naturally


Depression is more than just the blues. It can be a killer, especially among young people. Many sufferers do not wish to risk the side effects that some prescription drugs carry. Here are some ideas for dealing with depression in a natural and healthy manner.

  • Eat enough fruits and vegetables, and make sure your iron and thyroid levels are where they should be. Nutrition plays a major role in energy levels and bodily function. If something is not right in our bodies it may reflect in our mood. Pay special attention to food intake.

  • St Johns Wort is an herb that has been known to deliver people suffering from depression from the worst of their symptoms. It is crucial to take at least 900 milligrams per day to get the desired results. It has no known side effects and, along with diet and exercise is a natural remedy for depression.

  • Exercise, especially aerobic raises the level of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is beneficial for enhancing mood. Many of the prescription drugs on the market increase serotonin levels with medication, whereas exercise does this naturally.

  • Expand your group of friends. Get close to your family. Join a club or a gym. Go to a class that you enjoy. Meet people. The more friends an individual has the less likely they are to be depressed. It is important to have someone you trust to share your feelings with.

  • Get involved with something you know you are good at. When you accomplish a goal it will boost your self esteem. This naturally raises your spirits.

  • Volunteer. Sometimes it helps to see that your problems may be minimal in comparison to the problems of others. When we take the focus off of ourselves it is harder to stay depressed about our state of being.

  • Keep a journal. When you write your feelings down it will help you keep track of when your depressive episodes start. This in turn may lead you to any nutritional or emotional triggers, and allow you to control them before you start.

  • Meditate. Meditation helps the release the mind from tension. A meditation tape can walk you through the steps. Relaxation and rest is key to keeping a sound mind.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always consult with a doctor when suffering from depression. Depression can be deadly, do not take it lightly.

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