How to Decorate a Wall With Photos

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Creating a wall of photos of family, friends and pets is not only DIY artwork, but it is also a cost-effective decorating project. Most importantly, it is a way of remembering those key memories in life. Select thick black frames for a contemporary look or even glossy white frames but add ornate or wooden frames for a more traditional look in your space.

Things You'll Need


  1. Place your favorite photos in an assortment of frames or a set color and style of frame. Create a gallery wall approach with frames of varying sizes; this will also accommodate a broader range of your favorite photographic images.

  2. Select a wall for your gallery of photos. Pick a position in the middle of the wall and hang a nail or use a frame hanging hook. Hang your first image and ensure it is straight on all sides.

  3. Use your ruler to measure the amount of space you desire between the initial picture and your next framed images. If you prefer a lot of space, select two to three inches between each image, but if you prefer less space between images or have a smaller wall, or just a lot of photos, then select an inch or half an inch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add visual interest by picking frames of the same finish that have different embellishments and details.



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