How to Earn Respect At Work

Respect in the workplace is a nebulous concept: It pertains not only to how workers regard you when walking down the hallways but also how the boss responds to your ideas. What generates respect from co-workers derives from multiple sources including your attitude, openness to others and mutual understanding. Keeping and maintaining respect from others requires developing certain skills.


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      Treat others with respect. Call a mental truce on any officemate who you deem has wronged you in the past and start with a fresh slate. Refuse to engage in pernicious office gossip and disengage from others who try to incite such negative conversations. Even if working with a certain co-worker is nearly impossible, refocus your perspective from a negative one to a view of indifference. As explained by Susan Morem in her book, "How to Gain the Professional Edge," a respected professional is one who exhibits self-control and strives to positively influence others.

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      Be someone who your boss respects, as respect from subordinates and co-workers may improve as a result. Jerry Acuff, author of "The Relationship Edge in Business," explains the "respect" meter dips low when you appear late to work, are disorganized and unwilling to keep an open mind. Discuss with your boss the ways in which you can be a better worker.

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      Do your job well and thoroughly. Gain respect by submitting quality work and fulfill your stated promises. If you promise to submit your assignments on a specific deadline, turn them in a day prior to this date. Ask for help and clarification if needed, as this shows insight and maturity.

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      Curb any tendencies to engage in useless, idle chatter. Geshe Michael Roach explains in the book, "The Diamond Cutter," that a lack of respect for your ideas in the workplace stems from excessively talking about unrelated topics, such as television shows, pets and celebrities. Skip such conversations for lunch or breaks and only approach co-workers in the office to discuss matters related to projects and work-related issues.

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      Foster and support the goals of others. Become a respected leader in the office by being someone to whom others turn for support. To achieve this, make a point of assisting others with their work and develop a team-centric attitude. Offer encouraging feedback, praise their innovative ideas and relish in their success as if it was your own. Though such gestures may appear to be subservient, co-workers will be more likely to help and respect your endeavors in the future as a result of these actions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Despite following all of the steps perfectly, some co-workers may always exude a hostile, disrespectful attitude. Accept that their attitudes likely have nothing to do with you. Disengage from these workers and instead, spend time with co-workers who share your new positive and encouraging outlook.
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