How to Teach Children Life Skills

Life skills encompass a variety of concepts such as personal responsibility, management of time, money, and home, decision-making and drug awareness. Teaching children these important life skills has become a part of your child's school education and is best learned when the lessons are also modeled at home.


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      Learn which life skills your child's school will be focusing on in the coming school year. Think of ways you can reinforce those lessons with practical learning at home. Your child might be learning about the environment and how we can protect it. You might reinforce that at home by getting your child more involved in recycling.

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      Educate yourself about other life skills that you feel your child might be lacking in by doing research on the Internet or reading one of many books available about cultivating life skills in children.

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      Realize that some life skills are best learned at home. Learning what it takes to keep a home clean, how to do laundry, how to plan a meal and entertain guests are just a few examples.

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      Know that the example you set to your child through your own behavior is going to have a huge impact. Modeling good character to your children by controlling your own temper, being a good employee and being honest will instill those values in your children. For instance, you can't tell a child to lie about their age so you can get them into the fair for a reduced price without compromising their opinion on the importance of being honest.

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