How to Block a Phone Number

How to Block a Phone Number. If you don't want people to know what phone number you're calling from, use the call=blocking service provided by your landline phone carrier. Punch in a numerical code and your number won't appear on the recipient's caller ID box or screen. You can block the display of your phone number or ask your phone company to do it.


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      Consult your phone company's website or white page directory. Since rules vary from carrier to carrier, it's best to contact your provider for confirmation of how to block a phone number.

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      Use the universal call blocking code, "67," before placing a call to prevent your phone number from appearing on a recipient's caller ID box. This temporary blocking method requires that you dial 67 before every call you want blocked.

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      Order per-line blocking from your provider if you want every call from a specific phone number blocked. The fee for this varies according to provider, and only certain states allow it. Check with your phone company for details. To unblock the line and allow the number to show on a receiver's caller Id, dial "*82" before calling.

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      Be aware that when you block your number from being displayed, your name and company (if applicable) also remain blank on the caller's display. Depending on the provider, the recipient's caller ID remains blank, shows dashes or displays "Caller Unknown" or another message.

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      Learn that you can't prevent the owner of a 1-800 or 1-866 number from seeing your phone number. These companies can determine your phone number through ANI (Automatic Number Identification), but they can't distribute that information to other parties.

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