How to Get Married on the Beach

You've decided to take that big step--getting married. You now need to figure out the particulars. You and your intended decide you want to get married on the beach. You now have to get all the particulars worked out. The following steps will help you figure out how to get married on the beach.


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      Decide on a location. There are numerous beaches in the United States as well as outside the United States. You may want an exotic location such as Jamaica or Bermuda or you may have a Florida or California location in mind.

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      Find out the requirements for getting married in that location. You need to know the particulars, especially if you live in the US and want to get married outside of it, so the marriage will be legal.

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      Talk to a travel agent to get the information you will need for the cost of the wedding as well as what it will cost your guests. Make sure you get the information to your guests as soon as possible so they will be able to budget in the amount they will need to pay to get to your wedding.

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      Have your wedding coordinated. This is necessary, especially if you are having your wedding at a beach location in another country. The wedding coordinator will handle the details and make sure everything goes smoothly with your marriage ceremony. You are spending a good bit of money and you want everything to be perfect. Make sure you get the best.

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      Keep your guests informed of the progress you are making as far in advance as possible. You may also consider having a reception when you return from your honeymoon so more people will be able to come. The one drawback to marrying on the beach is it usually involves traveling a distance and not as many people are going to attend as at a regular wedding.

    • 6

      Getting married on the beach is not something everyone can pull off. If you do, enjoy it to the limit. You only get married once--make it as special as possible.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you know all the requirements for having a legal wedding wherever you choose to hold your wedding.
  • Keep your guests informed of the details; they have to make arrangements also.
  • A wedding coordinator and a travel agent are two musts for a wedding in a foreign country.
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