How to Buy Sanitary Pads for Teens


Teenage girls are often self conscious about themselves and their lives. They may not want to draw attention to the fact that they menstruate and need to use sanitary pads or maxi pads each month.

  • Search websites like and, which have product selectors to find just the right pads for your teen's lifestyle and body. Also take a trip to the store to compare the many options of pads you could purchase.

  • Select wings or no wings. Many manufacturers offer both styles so it really is a personal preference. Wings help the pad stay adhered to the panties and gives extra side protection against leaks.

  • Choose a maxi or an ultra thin pad. Maxi pads sit closer to the body, which make you feel better protected, but ultra thins offer more comfort with less bulkiness. Ultra thins tend to be great for teens as they are more discreet and smaller for petite bodies.

  • Compare sizes and absorbency levels and choose the one or ones best for your teen. Always offers a slender cut pad that they claim is the best for teens. You can also choose from regular, super, overnight and maximum protection absorbencies, which are fairly self-explanatory. A teen may need a combination of sizes and absorbencies as her period changes.

  • Watch for advertisements and compare specific brands to ultimately choose the option that your teen feels more comfortable with. Look at teen-advertised options, such as Always Ultra-Thin Slender pads with Flexi-wings, which Always created for small framed teens of clothing size 9 or smaller, or Kotex Ultra-Compact Ultra Thin pads, which are folded into a small designer pouch and can fit into the palm of your hand--so they're discreet and easy to carry.

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