How to Create a Webisode


Webisodes are popular on the Internet these days. They are sometimes extensions of television shows and movies, and sometimes they are original creations that showcase an actor or a product. Usually there are multiple episodes that carry out a story arc just like they would on regular television. Individual webisodes are typically short, but that is entirely up to you as you create your webisode.

Things You'll Need

  • Camcorder or webcam
  • Create a story idea. Plan it out on paper. Include the entire story arc for multiple webisodes and not just an individual webisode. Create a storyboard to help with this task.

  • Write the script. Instruct the actors to rehearse the dialogue. Make any necessary script changes.

  • Collect the necessary props and costumes. Arrange any sets as necessary. If you are using live actors and real-life backgrounds, this should be an easy step. But if you are using live-action animation, this may take some work.

  • Set up your recording equipment. You can use a webcam if you plan to do simple "everything-in-one-shot" webisodes. Or, you can use a camcorder. With a camcorder, the only limit is your own creative abilities.

  • Perform the webisode. Play it back on your camcorder or webcam to preview it. Redo any scenes as necessary. Don't expect to do it all in one take.

  • Download the film from your camcorder to your computer. You can skip this step, if you use a webcam. Edit the film with film editing software. Now is the time to add titles, opening and closing credits and any other special effects you want.

  • Upload the webisode to your website. Or, upload it to a website such as YouTube.

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