How to Gain Overseas Employment After 50


Many workers 50 and older find it hard to get a good paying job. There are opportunities for older workers, however, to start again, get a nest egg for retirement, have an adventure and make good money in overseas employment. Most of these jobs are on a U.S. government contract, and some of these require little experience and older employees make up the bulk of these employees.

Determine your seriousness. If you decide to pursue overseas employment, make certain you are really ready go to work overseas. These companies want a commitment when they call. When you fill out and submit your application, or submit a resume, do not be surprised if the company wants you to go on short notice. Starting your processing can take days or weeks, but you must be ready to go on their schedule. Most contracts are for six months, a year or a year renewable. Contracts are just that a contract for as long as there is work. Some jobs may last a short time others may last for years.

Contracts vary, some will be regular 40-hour weeks while some are 84-hour weeks. The contract should specify if it is salary or hourly, what specifically are your duties, what country will you be in, how housing, medical, transportation are covered and what working conditions you should expect. All these things should be asked about before you agree to a position.

The hardest part of applying for these jobs is finding the companies that are hiring. Most have job listings on their web sites once you find who is who in the industry. Be advised, that although you might get hired, if you lie about a criminal past or having back child support payments due, you may not be offered a position. Submit for the jobs you feel you might be qualified for. These companies get paid for filling slots. Obviously, don't lie, but don't count yourself out for a job you can do, but have little experience. There is a lot of on the job training on a lot of these jobs.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you sign your contract in the U.S. and fall under the Longshoremen's Act, this gives you protection under U.S. labor laws. Check to see if you need a passport or if the company will get you one. You will need a bank account for direct deposit. Have good records of your medications and, if possible, get a 90-day refill before going overseas. Also, If possible, have a credit card for emergencies when overseas.
  • Contractors normally fall under local laws when in a foreign country, so employees should not take drugs without a prescription and. Ask lots of questions. Don't go overseas and find there are unacceptable clauses in your contract. Many of these positions are on military bases and you will be subject to searches of vehicles and personal items on a daily basis, so be prepared for this. File your taxes, though, overseas employment is often tax free, requires filing yearly with the IRS.

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