How to Score Well on an AP Math Exam

Dozens of Advanced Placement (AP) exams make gaining college credit as easy as taking a test. You'll increase your chances of success through study and preparation. Math is represented by two AP tests in calculus-Calculus A for beginning classes and Calculus AB for more advanced. Follow these steps to score well on an Advanced Placement math exam.


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      Enroll in an AP calculus course at school to learn what is covered on a math exam. Calculus often follows 4 years of previous secondary school math. Home schoolers can also prepare for an Advanced Placement exam through independent study. Some states offer Advanced Placement exams online.

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      Check with the College Board for available resources to help you study for your exam. Exam review CDs are one option for calculus.

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      Practice for the AP calculus exam through the College Board's free-response questions. All you need is a computer with Adobe Reader or another pdf viewer. Other web-based reviews include Learning Express. Practice tests in Learning Express are immediately scored with an explanation of the answer. See if your school or public library provides free access to the learn-a-test database offered by the Learning Express Library.

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      Take an AP math review class to learn tips and recommendations. Search for a legitimate provider through an educational institution. Review classes provide an opportunity to further practice for an upcoming AP math exam, and they also offer study strategies.

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      Focus on differential and integral calculus for the Calculus AB exam. For example, know how to solve different types of problems using integrals.

    • 6

      Remember to show all your work in working out an equation. You may gain partial credit on the exam when you show partial solutions.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with colleges you're interested in attending to make sure they accept credits from the AP math exam.

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