How to Dress for Argentina


Argentina is a fashion-conscious country where what you wear signals status and attitude. Visitors may want to adjust attire to these social expectations, seasons and climate zones, remembering the country lies within the Southern Hemisphere. June, July and August are winter months and December, January and February are summer in Argentina.

Matching Clothes to the Climate

  • Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. Its vast landscape consists of diverse climate zones. Visitors will want to dress according to the season and zone visited. Western Argentina, including the northern Andes, is a semi-arid region with hot summers. The northeast interior section of the country is near tropical with hot and humid summers and winters with below zero temperatures The east central region offers mild winters and warm summers. In the south, Patagonia's climate is semi-arid with long winters, frost and snow.

Choosing Everyday Wear

  • Fashion-loving Argentines dress more conservatively than Americans. To fit into the culture, you'll want to avoid wearing items like baggy jeans and flip-flops and refrain from showing too much skin. Save shorts for the beach. Neutral colors are a good choice. Wear comfortable shoes. Women may especially want to avoid heels when walking cobblestone and tile streets. Women may also wish to consider leggings for train and plane travel. Both men and women should dress in layers to be able to adjust to a day's changing temperatures. Custom calls for dressing up when spending a night on the town. Attire is more casual in the countryside, but conservative style still prevails.

Dressing for Success

  • Argentina's business community pays close attention to a person's attire. For business dealings, men should wear conservative blue, gray or brown suits with a white or light blue shirt and a conservative tie. During warm weather, it's acceptable to wear a short-sleeved shirt with slacks. Women should wear a suit or a dress with a conservative neck and hemline. Simple jewelry and accessories are acceptable. Both men and women should wear quality shoes in good condition.

Go for the Gaucho Look

  • The traditional attire of the Argentine cowboy, known as the gaucho, is still worn in the nation, especially in rural areas. The style has been adopted by some modern fashionistas who relish wearing the beret-like caps, wide pleated trousers tied at the ankle, a patterned cloth belt wrapped around the waist and espadrilles on the feet. The gaucho look is accented by leather and silver accessories. Those wishing to try the look can purchase trendy versions and classic gaucho clothing throughout Argentina.

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