How to Negotiate a Job Offer

In the excitement of being offered a job, it can be easy to accept a position before thinking through the details. The time following an ititial offer is an excellent time for negotiation. Do your homework when learning about job benefits and perks to negotiate the best employment situation possible.


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      Research salaries in your field to get an idea of what professionals are making. When consulting salary surveys, get as close to your specific qualifications as possible before making a comparison. Don't forget to consider your experience.

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      Consider all aspects of your job offer. Many benefits aside from pay can be valuable. Consider vacation and sick time, health benefits, retirement plans and profit sharing perks. Ask about benefits, such as flex-time, childcare and any other concerns you might have.

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      Make a list of pros and cons. See if any of the cons you list are negotiable in any way. Note how changes to these benefits would make you more interested in the offer.

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      Speak to the supervisor or hiring manager about the position, indicating your interest, but also where the hesitations lie. Ask if they are willing to negotiate in the areas of concern to you. If you absolutely know you'll want the job if they can meet you in the middle on a few items, let them know. If they want you to work for them and know the deal is close, you have the leverage in the situation.

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      Continue communication until an agreement is reached. Finish the negotiation process with an official acceptance or decline of the offer.

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