How to Grow Wheat


Wheat is one of the most commonly used food crops in the world. It can be harvested in the winter or spring season. The best way to grow wheat is to cultivate it on a vast vacant field. Like all crops, a wheat field requires constant care and upkeep. Read on to learn more.

Things You'll Need

  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Commercial wheat drill (optional)
  • Manure, fertilizer
  • Wheat seeds
  • Commercial sprayer (optional)
  • Insecticide, pesticide
  • Scythe
  • Combine machine (optional)
  • Prepare the area selected to grow wheat. If the field has been previously used for farming purposes, smooth the soil with a rake. Dig long trenches using a shovel or rent a commercial wheat drill attached to a tractor to plow the field and dig long narrow furrows.

  • Use a moderate quantity of a natural manure to fertilize the soil and ensure proper growth of the wheat stalks. Throw wheat seeds in the furrows using a semi circular movement of your wrist or attach a grain drill to a tractor to plant the seeds. For a dry area, sprinkle a small quantity of seeds. A heavily cultivated wheat uses up the water in the ground more quickly.

  • Water the field two to three times during a dry summer season. Winter wheat crops require water only when the seeds are planted. Wheat grows best in a dry climate; however, check the soil moisture of the winter crop at the start of spring and water if the wheat stems look parched and unusually dry. Consider irrigating the cultivated land by using commercial sprayers on wheels.

  • Apply a light insecticide/pesticide spray to the harvested field if you spot any infestation on the crop. Discuss appropriate products with an agricultural expert and read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before administering any spray.

  • Monitor the wheat field regularly. Use a scythe to cut the wheat kernels once the wheat stems turn yellow and the kernels are fully dried up. Or use a "combine" machine to cut off the crop in a neat quick manner.

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