How to Play Chain Reaction


How to Play Chain Reaction. Chain reaction is a brain teasing PC game. You are shown 7 lines with one word visible in both the top and bottom lines. The object is to determine the missing five words that get you from the top word to the bottom. Each word has a relationship to the other words immediately above and below it.

  • Visit the GSN website and locate the Chain Reaction game. Click the "Play" button on the bottom left of the screen to begin the game.

  • Look at the screen. You'll see 1 word on the top line and one on the bottom, both with gold backgrounds. Then you will see 5 blank blue rows that you must fill.

  • Click one of the blue bars adjacent to a gold word. A timer on the left side of the screen will start counting down from 60 seconds and a letter will appear in the blue line you clicked.

  • Think of a word that starts with the letter that just appeared. The word is related in some way to the golden word adjacent to it. Example: "Neck" is the golden word; the letter displayed on the next line is "T." You think "Tie."

  • Type the word you think relates and press "Enter" on your keyboard. If you are correct, you score 10 points for each letter of the word that was not given to you. If you are incorrect, the blue line will reset and add a second letter to the word to help you guess it.

  • Start the process over again. Once you get the first word, click the next adjacent blue line and think of a word that relates to the word you just wrote.

  • Continue the game until you either guess all 5 words or the 60 second timer runs out. You can play through several rounds if you can complete each one. Finally you come to a speed round. After the speed round the game ends.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have no idea what the word is, simply click "Enter" and the game will give you another letter. Remember that you lose 10 points for not guessing the letter it gives you.
  • If you reach the speed round, there are only 2 words between the top and bottom words, but you have much less time to complete the puzzle. Incorrect guesses will not add another letter to help you guess.

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