How to Butcher a Goose


How to Butcher a Goose. Roast goose is very tasty and often preferred by some to turkey. The meat is darker and contains far more flavor, especially the domesticated birds. It is also not readily available and has to be special-ordered from the butcher. However, there is an alternative by raising your own geese. Read on to learn how to butcher a goose.

Line a trash can with a trash bag.

Twist the goose's neck near the head until it snaps. Or, if you prefer, chop the goose's head off with an ax.

Pluck the feathers over the trash can. Make certain you pluck the feathers against the grain. The process is time consuming, and requires patience.

Cut off the wings and claws with wire cutters or pruning shears.

Peel the skin beneath the feathers with a paring knife.

Singe the pin feathers with a propane torch. Try not to sear the skin as you butcher the goose.

Cut open the butchered goose near the anus and make a large enough hole for you to extract the innards. Set aside the heart, liver and gizzard. Be certain to remove the heart and lungs as well.

Clean out the inside of the bird well with fresh, cool water.

Remove the goose's head with a knife.

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