How to Tootsie Roll

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Thanks to the 69 Boyz in 1994, everyone could see a multitude of rolling tootsies. Today the Tootsie Roll dance is still a favorite at weddings and dance clubs. If it has been a few years since your "cotton candy" was "sweet as gold" or if you've never seen a "tootsie roll," these steps will help get you back out on the dance floor.

  • Relax when the song comes on. No one is taking it seriously, so if you miss a beat or go out of order, you won't be mocked for your inferior dance skills. When you hear "Cotton candy sweet as gold," which opens the song, move your right hand in a circle in front of you like you're working the carnival spun sugar wheel, then hold your imaginary pile of sugary goodness up in the air.

  • Make butterflies with your legs. Yes, the 69 Boyz repeatedly claim the butterfly is 'dead' and the tootsie roll is totally different, but we all know those one-hit wonders were butterflying their way through the entire video. To butterfly, get up on your toes, keep your booty sticking out, bend your knees and open and close your legs. Some people like to roll with their hands in the air, on the booty, or on the knees Charlie Chaplin-style. It's your call.

  • Move to the left when the song says, "to the left" and to the right when it says to. Moving in either direction requires about two side steps or slides. Get your whole body into it.

  • Move front and back starting with your right foot. Again, put your whole body into these steps. This is your time to showcase your attitude and jaunty walk; think Naomi Campbell, not John Cleese.

  • Dip by stepping out to the right. Bend your knees and drop your butt down and swoop it up again, bringing feet together. Do this again on the other side with a step out to the left.

  • Slide yourself right to left and back again. Get your arms into it and use those hips. Be sure you dance in your space. The Tootsie Roll is often done in a line, so be aware of the people next to you and behind you; it would be a bit awkward to dip your booty too close to grandma Eunice's face.

  • Keep listening to the lyrics, they give you dance step directions. Slide, dip, move when it says and cotton candy and roll when they hit that lengthy chorus.

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