How to Complain to a Bank

Complain to a Bank
Complain to a Bank

How to Complain to a Bank. A banking error can create lots of stress and worry that you have to cope with while you are waiting for a correction. Sometimes the bank makes true mistakes. Sometimes, however, its policies aren't in the best interest of the consumer. You should never hesitate to complain to a bank if you feel it isn't acting in your best interest.

Complain to a Bank

Visit the bank in person to complain. Almost all bank phone systems are a maze of transfers that can create even more frustration. Complaining in person often produces results much faster than a written or telephone complaint.

Ask to speak with one of the account managers and not a teller. If you have a working relationship with anyone at the bank, try to speak with him instead of someone you've never met. Depending on the severity of your complaint, you may wish to go directly to the branch manager with your issue.

Complain to the banking employee in a calm and clear way. It's easy to get upset when there is an error made with your money but staying relaxed can help get things corrected faster. Show the bank worker any supporting documents, like letters or statements, that verify your claims.

Stay at the bank until your complaint has been addressed or fixed. If you aren't making progress with the person you've been speaking to, you may have to complain to the branch manager. You might have to wait while this branch calls the state or regional office.

Ask the bank to write a formal receipt of your complaint if it isn't resolved during your visit. This letter will create proof of the issue in case you need to file a consumer complaint about the bank or return later. Ideally, the letter should promise to fix your situation by a specific date.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the bank doesn't acknowledge its mistake, you can threaten to close your account and move your funds to another bank.
  • If you think the bank is acting in violation of a federal law, file your complaint with the Federal Reserve Bureau after you speak with the branch manager.
  • Don't wait to complain about your situation. The sooner you act on the bank's error, the sooner it will be fixed.
  • Avoid yelling at bank employees. Errors happen at many different levels, and the person trying to fix the mistake may not have caused it. In-person outbursts may cause security to request that you leave the bank.

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