How to Make Money With Runescape


Runescape, an online massively multiplayer role-playing game, sees players engaged in a constant struggle to obtain more items and better skills. If you're a free-version Runescape player, your moneymaking options are more limited than if you are a member, but there is still plenty of potential to strike it rich.

Things You'll Need

  • Rune Mysteries quest completed
  • Mine rune essence in the mine south of Varrock's east bank. Take a pick axe with you and walk south of the bank. Have Aubrey teleport you to the mine, where you can fill your inventory with essence. At the time of publication, rune essence is worth 19 gold coins apiece. Sell your essence to another player or to the Grand Exchange.

  • Cut trees and bank the logs until you have enough to sell. Cut regular trees until level 15, when you can chop oak logs. Willow logs, at level 30, are great experience, and you can move on to yew logs, the most valuable free-to-play log at the time of publication. Member players will purchase yew logs to train the Fletching skill.

  • Catch shrimp and anchovies using a small net near Draynor Village until you hit level 40. Then take 60 gold pieces and head to Karamja via the docks at Port Sarim. Catch lobsters using a lobster pot on the docks there until you have a full inventory. Then bank the lobsters and head out again. Sell the lobsters when you can find a buyer; most buyers purchase in amounts of 100 or 1,000. Raw lobsters are worth 107 gold pieces apiece at the time of publication.

  • Kill monsters and pick up the loot to sell to players or on the Grand Exchange. As a low-level player, kill cows and chickens to sell the feathers, bones and hides. As you improve your combat skills, take on skeletons in the Wilderness or monsters in the Stronghold of Security below Barbarian Village.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always buy low and sell high. Never fails.
  • Use above tip in grand exchange.
  • Beware of scams. If you would like information on runescape scams, I found that: worked very well for me.

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