How to Download Ringtones for Prepaid Cell Phones

You can download ringtones to prepaid cell phones just as you can with standard mobile service, so long as the phone you're using has the feature. Ringtones are available for download through your phone service provider, as well as a variety of websites that allow you to customize your download. Here's how to get ringtones.


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      Start your search by heading to the website of the company that provides your cell phone service. While not all service providers offer ringtones for download, many do, and this is one way you can make sure your download will be compatible with your phone. Many prepaid providers offer you the chance to purchase custom ringtones as part of your calling plan.

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      Preview ringtones on the site. Most company sites are easily navigated, and you shouldn't have much trouble finding what you're looking for with a little poking around. Because you're a prepaid customer, though, the company may not permit the download to be charged to a phone bill and will instead demand up-front payment, usually by credit card.

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      Expand your options by doing a search for custom ringtones for cell phones, such as your favorite songs or TV and movie themes, which are widely available from dozens of different sites. Before you use these sites' services, though, make sure that your phone's make and model are compatible with the download you want.

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      Enter your phone number and pay for your download when you've selected the ringtone you want. While the specifics of completing the download will vary depending on the source you're using, ringtones are always sent directly from the site to your cell phone.

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      Learn where Internet downloads are stored on your cell phone. Refer to the owner's manual you got in your prepaid cell phone start-up kit if you need help locating it. Follow the instructions to activate the download and make it your new ringtone, which will usually require you to select the ringtone from a menu stored in your phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check with the manufacturer of your cell phone or the company that provides your prepaid plan if you have any questions about your phone's compatibility.

  • If using credit card information online, or if you pay for your ringtones using a PayPal or other electronic account, protect yourself. Empty out your web browser's cache and history list after you download your ringtones.

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