How to Receive Podcasts on iPhone

iPhone users can take their offices anywhere in the world. One of the hottest trends in online media using podcasts, or downloadable files, with radio shows, music and news stories. You can receive podcasts on your iPhone in a few steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer or personal device with iTunes
  • IPhone


    • 1

      Connect your iPhone to your computer to begin downloading podcasts. Your iPhone package includes a cord that allows you to connect the phone directly to the computer for regular updates. Repeat this step for your work computer, laptop and other devices where you have legal podcasts.

    • 2

      Click on the "Transfer Purchases" icon in the iTunes library to start your podcast download. You can receive subscription podcasts and archived materials that you paid for by simply hitting this button. iTunes and your iPhone will not allow you to download podcasts without rights or copyright protections.

    • 3

      Check specific podcasts in your iTunes library to avoid transferring materials in bulk. Your audio library allows you to sort by downloaded date, file size and other factors that will help you decide which files to keep.

    • 4

      Set the Automatic Sync option in your iTunes settings menu to instantly update your podcasts with each connection of your iPhone. This tool is available in the Summary section of iTunes and instructs your computer to update your iPhone library with new files.

    • 5

      Eliminate podcasts after listening to them to avoid memory issues during synchronization. Podcast files are often sizable, and daily news or radio downloads should be deleted to keep your phone's library updated.

    • 6

      Tap the podcast that you want to listen to on your iPhone by clicking on the file name in your iPod menu. The "iPod" icon is located on the bottom portion of the phone's main menu. As soon as you find the podcast file name, simply press on the name to bring up audio options.

    • 7

      Using the "Rewind" and "Fast Forward" icons, manipulate your place in a particular podcast that you receive. These options disappear after a few seconds to produce a clear screen on which you can perform other functions. With a swipe of your finger over the screen, you can access audio tools in an instant.

Tips & Warnings

  • Continue a podcast you started listening to on iTunes with your iPhone. The designers of the iTunes platform created enough memory to help you keep track of the exact point where you closed out a podcast. As you receive podcasts from your iTunes, this memory transfers to the iPhone for a higher level of convenience.
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