How to Pour Guinness


According to the Guinness company, pouring the proper pint is a six-step process. This is a bit of a marketing ploy, especially when you consider that steps one and six -- picking up the glass and handing the glass over -- are a bit obvious. But the all-important steps in between help bring out the true flavor of this famous dry stout with the signature thick, creamy head.

How to Pour Guinness
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Of course, Guinness requires a Guinness-branded pint glass in its six-step process, but any similar tulip-shaped imperial pint glass will do. The glass should be held under the tap at a 45-degree angle. Pull the tap handle all the way forward and slowly turn the glass upright as it fills. When the beer is 3/4 inch from the rim, stop pouring, set the glass down and let the foam and bubbles settle for approximately two minutes; then slowly fill the rest of the glass. Ideally, a creamy head of froth will top off the pour, bulging ever so slightly above the rim.

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Guinness recommends that you drink bottled Guinness directly from the bottle for the best taste. But for those who enjoy the look of Guinness in a glass, a proper bottle pour will help. Holding the pint glass at a 45 degree angle -- the same type of tulip-shaped imperial pint glass used for a tap pour -- make a swift pour from the bottle while turning the glass upright as it becomes fuller. By the time the bottle is empty and the glass fully upright, the thick, creamy head should appear.

Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media

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