How to Be Charismatic


Charisma is exuded by those who have it, and envied by those who don't. You don't have to be born with it. You can learn how to be charismatic by tuning into how you interact with others and having self confidence.

  • See everyone as equal. Having a presence means that people notice you when you are in a room or group of people. Treat everyone as though they are the most important person you will ever meet, and they will remember and notice you for it. Though snobs can be charismatic, they are usually jerks.

  • Compliment others. People will remember compliments, and they will remember you are the one that complimented them. Don't go for useless flattery, but pinpoint something you truly like or admire about that person and let them know.

  • Pay attention to people. In a group or gathering, truly listen to what people say to you. Look them in the eye, smile and respond with valid questions or comments about the topic at hand. You can be charismatic by taking part in the conversation and having the confidence to speak your mind.

  • Gesture to emphasize your speech. By being a more animated speaker, and speaking clearly while making well thought out points, people will be drawn to you. Too often people will get into a group and try to hide in the shadows. They are not exuding presence, they are invisible. Animated speech requires passion and passion is addictive.

  • Study up on current events. You need to be in the know about the world and general cultural happenings to be charismatic. Knowledge will help you feel confident walking into any situation, and confidence will help you stand tall and be present in any gathering.

  • Put on a show. When low self esteem is a problem that weighs you down in public, simply act confident and charismatic and you will be. Charisma comes from those who are sure of themselves in all settings and they make other people feel at ease. Concentrate on those around you, and not on yourself. This will help you detach from your fears and help those around you feel better.

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