How to Drink Alcohol on a Low-Carb Diet

Drink Alcohol on a Low-Carb Diet
Drink Alcohol on a Low-Carb Diet

How to Drink Alcohol on a Low-Carb Diet. Some of Dr. Atkins' methods are a bit extreme, but low-carb dieting is still a great way to stay fit and healthy. It is possible to drink alcohol on a low-carb diet--as long as you make smart selections and consume in moderation. Once you know the facts about alcohol and carbs, navigating the cocktail list at your favorite bar won't seem tricky at all.

Read about low-carb drink options. Most low-carb diet books contain information about the amount of carbohydrates in alcoholic beverages. By doing your homework, you'll know what you can and can't have.

Drink beer that is labeled "low-carb." Regular beers are packed with carbs. Choose a low-carb brew, and you'll save yourself between five and ten grams of carbohydrates.

Choose a glass of red or white wine, but go for the dry wines, not the sweet ones. There are about three grams of carbs in five ounces of Shiraz or chardonnay and about twenty grams in five ounces of dessert wine.

Pick the right mixers. Straight liquor, such as gin, vodka or rum, contains zero carbs. But if you add in sugary mixers like sweet-and-sour mix or non-diet cola, you'll send the carb count through the roof. Instead, try low-carb mixers like club soda, diet cola, or fresh lemon or lime juice.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you're at a bar, don't order alcohol for every round. Alternate between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic ones. Club soda with a squeeze of lime is a perfect choice.
  • Most low-carb diets forbid the consumption of alcohol during the "induction" phase of the diet.
  • Know your limits, and drink responsibly. Don't justify overindulgence by saying, "Oh well, it's low carb!"

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