How to Potty Train a Hamster


How to Potty Train a Hamster. If you have doubts about potty training a hamster, don't worry. With a few simple steps and some persistence, you can train a hamster to go in a litter box. Hamsters do not like dirty bedding, and they have a natural instinct to relieve themselves in the same place. Potty training a hamster keeps the cage cleaner and makes for a happier hamster. Read on to learn how to potty train a hamster.

Things You'll Need

  • Small plastic box or hamster litter box
  • Litter for hamsters
  • Tweezers

Purchase a litter box designed for hamsters or use a small plastic box that the hamster can jump into. Specially designed litter boxes for hamsters have one corner higher than the others to prevent hamster urine from spraying outside of the cage. Most boxes are designed to be attached to the corner of a cage. A few boxes have covers and entrances.

Watch your hamster at night and observe which corner of the cage it normally uses for droppings. Place the litter box in that corner. Make sure this corner is away from an area that the hamster sleeps in.

Fill the litter box one-third full with a specially made litter for hamsters. This litter can be found at pet stores.

Pick up hamster droppings using tweezers, and place them in the litter box. Place a small amount of urine-soaked bedding in the litter box.

Keep adding fresh droppings and urine-soaked bedding until the hamster begins to use the box. This process usually takes about a week or two.

Keep the box clean and filled with fresh litter once a week once the hamster is trained on its use.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hamsters like to spray their urine, and it can travel a good distance. Keep the cage a safe distance from walls and curtains.

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