How to Write a Business Plan for a Beauty Salon

One of the first things you should do if you are planning to open your own beauty salon is write a business plan. A beauty salon is a rewarding business because of the level of personal involvement, including the conception of the business plan. Use these steps as a guideline to start writing a business plan for your new beauty salon.


    • 1

      Start your beauty salon business plan with a summary and description. Include the name of your salon, a mission statement, your motto, legal structure and other pertinent facts such as history.

    • 2

      Describe your salon's products and services and how you will provide them to customers. Talk about what will make your salon special, such as nail, facial and other spa services.

    • 3

      List the equipment and supplies needed for your beauty salon. Include a list of inventory, such as beauty products you will sell.

    • 4

      Explain your marketing plan. Include a market analysis, customer demographics, probable customer needs and advertising strategy.

    • 5

      Detail the financial plan for your beauty salon, including how you will finance the business (self finance, borrow money or use credit cards). Include an operating budget, break-even analysis, profit and loss breakdown and expected cash flow. Also indicate if you will rent or buy the building in which your salon will be located.

    • 6

      Give details about your business strategy and operations. Be specific and include management and employee responsibilities, day-to-day salon operation and important dates.

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