How to Play Squash


The game of squash is simple to learn and is a wonderful way to get in shape and stay fit. It can be played as a relaxing pastime or as a competitive sport and accommodates mixed teams as well as individuals. There is little equipment needed and the rules are easy to learn

Things You'll Need

  • Knowledge of rules
  • Racket
  • Ball
  • Court
  • Opponent
  • Learn the rules of the game. You can do research online, look in a book or ask a fellow squash player for an explanation of the rules.

  • Begin the rally. The game requires two players, each with a racket, who take turns hitting the ball against a large wall within the court. To rally, one person begins by serving the ball from one of the service boxes to hit the wall and rebound to the other player.

  • Serve properly. The service ball must hit the wall between the two red horizontal lines. The upper red line represents the out-of-court limit and the lower thin line represents the service line. The ball must land in the quarter court opposite the service box from which it was served.

  • Continue the rally. Once the ball has been served, the red lines are ignored. The opponent hits the ball and the rally continues until the ball either hits the out line, bounces before it hits the wall or hits the bottom line (also called the tin).

  • Keep score. Each match of squash lasts either three or five rounds. Each round ends when a player hits the ball out or gets a total of nine points. The first competitor to reach nine points in a round wins that round. Only the server can win points; however, each player has the chance to take turns serving for each round.

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