How to Raise Guinea Fowl


Guinea fowl are healthy, independent birds, and that makes them relatively easy to raise. These African natives aren't particularly friendly, but they are low maintenance. A flock of guinea fowl can keep tick populations in check, and that's especially useful if you have livestock prone to tick-borne diseases. They even consume small rodents. Guinea fowl do make a lot of noise, so they're not a good choice for suburbia. Check your local zoning ordinances before purchasing guinea fowl. If you let guineas free range for them to perform tick eradication, prepare for them to truly range widely.

Guinea Fowl Housing

If your guineas primarily free range, all you need is a place for them to stay in inclement weather. In good weather, free-ranging guinea fowl roost in trees. A chicken coop will do the trick for guinea fowl, although it's not a good idea to keep them and chickens together in confinement, especially if you have a rooster and male guineas. The latter will run the former ragged.

If you keep your guinea fowl confined, provide them with a large, predator-proof pen. Use shavings or straw as bedding, and provide your birds with roosting space. Provide nest boxes for egg production. Guinea hens don't produce an egg on a regular basis like chicken hens, but lay a large amount of eggs in a small amount of time twice annually.

Feeding Your Guinea Fowl

If you obtain your guineas as chicks, start feeding them a 24 to 26 percent protein gamebird feed. At age 5 weeks, transition your birds to an 18 to 20 percent feed. At the age of 2 months, they can do well on a standard 16 percent feed. If your guinea fowl free range, they should find plenty of bugs, worms and seeds to keep them well-fed most of the year, but they may also venture out of the neighborhood. Keep free-roaming guineas close at hand by feeding them small amounts of millet or wheat, leaving the treats in the same place daily. Your fowl must always have access to clean, fresh water. In winter, keep their water as warm as possible. Guinea fowl dislike cold water.

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