How to Train a Pony


How to Train a Pony. You must train a pony before you can ride it. Training a pony can more difficult than training a mature horse. Ponies often are as stubborn and ornery as they are cute. To train your pony, follow these steps.

Introducing your pony to a saddle

Determine how much the pony already knows by asking the person from whom you bought him. You may have to find this out on your own by working with the pony.

Put a halter and lead rope on the pony. If he does not know how to lead, encourage him to walk next to you by gently pulling on the lead rope. Secure a soft cotton rope around his haunches and pull on it to encourage him to walk with you. Pull only when he stops.

Saddle the pony inside a closed pen. Carefully put the saddle pad and saddle on his back and tighten the girth. Allow him to stand with the saddle on for about 5 minutes before removing it. Lead him around so he can get the feel of the saddle on his back when he moves. Get him accustomed to this by saddling him every day for several minutes.

Lunge the pony in an enclosed area with the saddle on his back. This gets him used to moving with a saddle on. Make him walk, trot and lope. With the saddle still strapped on him, Lead the pony around outside the pen. Use the words walk, trot etc when asking for the gait so he learns what the words mean.

Put a bridle on the pony. Allow him to get used to the feel of a bit in his mouth. Leave the halter on him so you can lead him around.

Start introducing him to carrying weight by leaning your body across the saddle while someone holds his head. Once he is fine with that you can mount the pony inside an enclosed area. If you are too big for the pony, you may have to get a small teenager with horse experience to ride him. Don't use any child who hasn't ridden before. Ponies can be dangerous despite their size.

Walk the pony by squeezing with your calves. Once he starts walking when you ask, turn him to either side. Stop him by sitting up straight in the saddle and pulling on the reins while saying the word whoa. Trot and eventually lope once the pony knows how to stop and turn.

Tips & Warnings

  • Never lead a horse or pony around by the bit. Only lead them with a halter.

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