How to Handle a Baby's Fall


While no parent likes to see her child get hurt, it's a fact of life for babies who are testing out new skills, filled with curiosity and always on the go. From a tumble off of the bed to skidding down the stairs, you can try and protect your little one from falls, but they may happen anyway. The trick is to stay calm, assess the situation and seek help if your baby looks hurt. Of course, extra attention and a few kisses can help too.

Things You'll Need

  • Washcloth
  • Bag of frozen peas
  • Stay calm, and don't overreact, warns Even young babies can pick up on their parents anxiety levels, and if you panic, you could make the situation worse. Instead, comfort your baby, and talk in a soothing voice while you assess the situation.

  • Check your baby for obvious signs of injury from the fall, such as bleeding, cuts and bumps. Seek medical help if your little one is unconscious, seems lethargic and delirious, can't stop crying or vomits after the fall -- these could be signs of serious head or internal injuries, warns

  • Address bumps and bruises after you've discerned that your baby doesn't need medical attention. A few ice cubes in washcloth or a bag of peas can help reduce any swelling that has occurred as a result of the fall. Apply pressure to stop the bleeding if the fall has resulted in a minor cut, and apply a bandage, if necessary.

  • Watch your baby's behavior for the next 24 hours or so. While you don't need to prevent your little one from going to sleep, you should watch for normal behavior and breathing. Your baby should continue to be alert, playful and active at regular times. If you notice that she's lethargic or fussy, contact your doctor's office for an appointment.

  • Give your baby some extra comfort throughout the day. You might find that she's a little cranky after an injury and can use some hugs and attention until she feels 100 percent again. If you notice a change in her behavior or are concerned, call your pediatrician for a second opinion.

Tips & Warnings

  • Avoid falls in the future by never putting your baby on a high surface without supervision. Leaving a baby unattended on a bed or changing table or near ungated stairs for only a few seconds can result in falls and injuries.


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