How to Find a Passion In Life

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Many of us wander through life not really knowing what we were meant to do. Instead of coasting through life without putting your finger on how to find your passion in this world, try to pinpoint what that passion is. Read on to learn more.


  1. Take care of yourself. Once you begin paying attention to your body, and its well being, things will come to you. By getting up off the couch and running or walking everyday, it can get your blood pumping and your mind working. Pay attention to your thoughts as you exercise, and some inspiring things may crop up.

  2. Listen to your inner child. If there was a major dream you held onto while growing up, try and determine why you let go of it. As children we have no responsibilities, and that leads us to dream. As we get older, some of these dreams get put on the back burner for adult responsibility. They can be reignited.

  3. Seek help. Your friends and family will be able to help you realize what you are good at, and what some of your hopes and dreams are. By connecting to these people, and asking for guidance, you may find answers.

  4. Write down ideas. Writing can be a good way to see on paper a recurring theme(s). Determining a secret wish or goal can be difficult, but if you truly listen to what your joys are, you can easily find a passion in life.

  5. Volunteer. By stepping outside of yourself, and helping others, you can regain some of the joy that you seek. Helping the elderly can be a great way to hear about their fantastic lives and can spark an interest that you don't currently think about. It can be difficult to find a passion in life, but never stop trying.

  6. Give it a go. Once you have some ideas that interest you, go out and try to mingle in the nuts and bolts of a new career or interest. By taking courses, or internships or a new job, you can find out if what you are truly passionate about the task.

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