How to Get a Scholarship to a UK Fashion School

How to Get a Scholarship to a UK Fashion School. The field of fashion can be exciting and glamorous, and fashion is a highly desirable career for many people. Competition for places at UK fashion schools is therefore quite high. But securing a place at one of these schools is not the end of your worries; you'll also need to figure out how to fund your studies.


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      Choose a full-time degree course. It is often easier to get financial support for a full-time degree course than a part-time or certificate programme.

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      Contact your local education authority. UK students can get small, mandatory grants or career development loans for fashion degree programmes. EU students may also be able to apply for support from the local education authority in their home country.

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      Visit the British Council's Education UK website which has lots of information on funding for international students. It also has a UK Scholarships Database which can be a priceless tool in your search.

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      Check with the school of your choice. Many fashion schools in the UK award scholarships and bursaries to students who meet certain criteria, so find out what is available at your chosen school.

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      Apply to independent foundations and trusts that offer grants to individuals in the arts and fashion. You can find many of these on the British Council's UK Scholarships Database or in annual publications like "Grants Register" and the Directory of Social Change's "Guide to Major Grant-Making Trusts".

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