How to Dress Like MC Hammer


MC Hammer gave us such hits as "Pray," "U Can't Touch This" and "Too Legit to Quit." But he was just as famous for his wardrobe as his music. Here are some tips on how to dress like MC Hammer at your next costume party.

  • Buy parachute pants! This is the staple. The piece of clothing that defined Mr. MC Hammer. Parachute pants are pants that are tight around the ankle and get progressively wider as you travel up the leg and then tight at the waist again. When MC used to dance, they would flair out like a parachute! Unfortunately (or fortunately) you're not going to be able to find these at J. Crew or the Gap. You will have to search long and hard at thrift stores and vintage stores. But when you find your colorful pants you will be not only proud of yourself, but one step closer to realizing the dream of dressing like MC Hammer!

  • Find a clashing top. There are really no rules on the top. MC used to have all sorts of fun pairings. The main thing is that it's colorful, clashes horribly with the pants and it is form fitting. Due to his fantastic physique MC Hammer used often go shirtless or reveal some of his body. For instance the parachute pants with a gold suit jacket and no shirt underneath was a favorite. The more outrageous you go the better. Just be sure it fits snug!

  • Get the boots baby! MC Hammer is the butt of many, many jokes, but the truth is, the guy is pretty talented, especially when he danced. The important thing with the Hammer footwear is that it is again flashy, contrasts sharply to the top, probably matches with the pants, but that the soles are flat. You must have flat soles that allow you to slide easily as he often did in his dancing! An old pair if boxing boots that you spray paint and add sequence to are the perfect idea. This can be found at thrift shops which are localized throughout the country.

  • Add the extras. Oh MC you had such terrible, terrible style. Thank you for giving us something to laugh at. Some of the extras that will really put your look over the top are things like funky clashing sunglasses. They should match your pants but be terrible with your top. Chains with gaudy medallions are also great. And then of course a dangling earring. You are almost there!

  • Try the fade. This is for the serious MC Hammer dresser and will guarantee you a shot at winning many a costume contests. Get the Hammer fade on your hair. It starts tight, tight to the skin on the sides and back of your skin and slowly gets wider so it looks like you've got a large flat top or box on your head. Then, the finishing touch. The piece de resistance! Lines! Get a few lines put in your sideburns. Now this cut won't be able to be done by a salon. You're going to have to go to an old school barber on this one. Congratulations, you have now learned how to dress like MC Hammer. Now go be "too legit, to legit to quit!"

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