How to Ride a Camel


How to Ride a Camel. While camels are are widely acknowledged efficient pack animals. Their long strides and strong humps make a camel ride a fast and fun experience. Follow these steps to enjoy a safe camel ride.

Ride a camel under the supervision of a handler or professional camel rider. While the dull look in their eyes does not show it, camels are relatively emotional and intelligent animals and respond best to familiar handlers. Be sure to ride a domesticated camel under the supervision of someone who knows how to control the animal.

Mount the camel while the animal is in a sitting position or from a scaffold. With either method, get one foot into a stirrup or ledge and then throw the other leg over the camel's hump, which should be protected by a pad or saddle. Attempt to mount with one vigorous effort so you don't end up falling off the animal before you even get on.

Sit confidently on the saddle or mount. The camel's strange gait may jostle you, but if you sit confidently and don't try to overcompensate for the camel's natural motion, you will enjoy a safe ride. A good posture will ensure that you stay firmly planted on the animal without rolling off to either side.

Hold the reins confidently. Like most intelligent animals, a camel can sense unease or nervousness. Take the reins in your hands without tugging or pulling at them so you feel in control of the animal. Even if a handler is doing most of the real work, the camel will feel your confidence and relaxed attitude.

Dismount when the camel is sitting or has returned to the scaffold. This is very similar to the end of an airplane flight when the flight attendant tells you to wait until the plane is "securely at the gate" before you stand. The motion that a camel makes to get into a sitting position might make you feel like you're falling off. But stay calm, maintain your confident sitting position and you will arrive safely at your destination.

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