How to Provide Adequate Housing for Potbellied Pigs


How to Provide Adequate Housing for Potbellied Pigs. As a potbellied pig owner, it's your job to provide proper housing for your pet both indoors (if you allow your pig indoors) and outdoors. Potbellied pigs need specific living conditions and accommodations to thrive. If you don't think you can provide adequate housing, you should consider getting another pet. Read on to learn more.

Things You'll Need

  • Toddler gates
  • Tarp (optional)
  • Yard fence
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Shed or large dog house

Create Indoor Housing for Your Pig

Designate a personal space for your potbellied pig. Even as the pig is allowed more freedom to roam the house, she will appreciate having a space that's just her own. This can be a laundry room, sun porch, large bathroom or a bedroom, for instance.

Make a bed for your pig. Old blankets and pillows in a corner will do. Large dog beds may also work, but you should still give your pig some old blankets either way.

Check for air drafts. Use a rolled up towel for under the door jam if a breeze is entering the room. Redirect nearby vents with forced air.

Create Outdoor Housing for Your Pig

Provide adequate shelter from the elements when your pig is outside. Large dog houses and sheds lined with straw work well as long as they are weatherproof. A tarp strung over an enclosure can help protect from rain and provide a sun shield.

Fence in your yard well to protect your potbellied pig from dog attacks and escape. Pigs are naturally curious and intelligent. If left outside unattended in a poorly secured yard, your pig will probably find the way out.

Provide for changes in temperature. Potbellied pigs do best in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees F. Provide a wading pool when it gets too hot. Lots of dry straw will help keep pigs warm in the cold months.

Tips & Warnings

  • Put sunscreen on your pig before sending him out in the hot sun. Pig hairs don't provide adequate protection from sunburn.
  • Don't by new expensive blankets for your pigs bedding. They like to shred their bedding to make it more comfortable.
  • Protect gardens with fencing. Pigs can be destructive to backyards due to their natural rooting instinct.
  • Make sure fencing it high enough to prevent dogs from jumping over. If you have a chain link fence, reinforce it with chicken wire at the bottom. Pigs are a great meal for predators, and some dogs will stop at nothing to get at them.

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